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american accent is john wayne. take a look at hee haw stewart barney in tampa, florida. >> we were thinking of you stewart. >> all right. >> o'reilly tonight with mcdirk and red eye in this studio we will be doing it out of the five. it will be a good show. >> are you going to sanitize it after? >> what do you mean? >> after you were in it with red eye. >> oh, okay. are you saying somehow we are contaminated or disgusting or infectious? >> you got the notice no one else did clean out your office of toxic waste stuff. >> you got the memo about the spring cleaning. >> that's where i found segment my fo -- seth niermer assistant. >> let's keep going. >> i am going to be brief. turn to doctor carson.
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let me make a point. talked about reading your bible entirely. if you read your bible carefully the great apostle paul says we should always honor authority. you saturday next to the president of the united states you belittled his programs. doctor, if i were you i would stick to medicine. >> it wasn't belittling. >> we have no time left. >> (talking over one another) >> extreme weather alert right now. potentially deadly twisters touching down across parts of the south. one of them reportedly a full mile wide. reports of major damage starting to come into the fox newsroom right now. i am harris falkner of all of the breaking news we are learning the first we have heard of and so far still the worst
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seems to be in hattiesburg, mississippi home to the university of southern mississippi. on the right of your screen you see what used to be this little music building. pile of bricks mostly twisted metal now. school officials reporting several campus buildings were hit. early indications it is a pretty bad scene. this video showing explosion after explosion as power transformers crump el into a fierce storm. the wind strong enough to blow those brick buildings. another view of the same twister with audio. some of you have tweeted me so i am going to lower my voice so you can hear the wind. witnesses say it skirted along the main road. listen to the funnel cloud scream go by.
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>> meteorologist also call that, i have heard them call that the call or the scream of the actual storm itself. it is mainly just wind. again you see more than transformers going out. our viewers wanted to be able to hear the natural sound of that. so we got that audio up for you. many more of the dramatic images are coming out. continue to send those but please do it quickly. and my twitter page we will put that up for you as well. let's get to jeff rent from the official management agency he joins us by phone. jeff, you are with us? (speaking on telephone) >> i am with you. the tornado seem to do stay on the ground how long? >> no details yet. that will be determined later in the post damage assessment by the national weather service. this storm started back in lamar county. we have confirmed damage reports in lamar county.
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the national weather service that already warned on the storm. there was a tornado warning they upgraded it to a tornado emergency. that is a serious thing. you can see from the video there was a tornado on the ground and it was very large wedge shipshaped tornado those tend to be very powerful in nature and as it moved into forest county and moved into southern mississippi. we have several reports of damages a number of injuries no exact figures on this. may be the same storm that caused damages into wayne county. potentially a very long track. a very dangerous storm. we don't have any reports of fatalities at this time. >> i know you don't have numbers on people hurt. i have been reporting for the
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most part they are on school break through wednesday because of mardi gras. which areas are you seeing pockets of injury? >> we have search and rescue teams which are out right now. the local search and rescue teams. hardy street is the busy area a lot of residential areas right around there. i think that's one of the areas which is the hardest hit which you had the highest density of housing and population. they are doing a lot of work now. you will hit other pockets as the storm moves off to the east and northeast treks through several counties. there's more in the same system and they are doing search and rescue operations.
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>> search and rescue operations we are talking about. we are hearing some reports of people trapped. what can you tell us? >> they are working on that right now. search and rescue teams go into the area and they are working to extra kate anybody. i have not heard of any extractions. doesn't mean it hasn't occurred. their first priority is not to report the first priority is to get back to safety. you can see power transformers exploding as the storm moves through. i am taking widespread power outages. i have been reading your crews are putting up light power strips so you can see the debris. >> it moves through an area and it moves through shortly before dusk and it takes along the power. they are trying to use these.
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add in addition rainfall and torrential rain at times. they have a lot of challenges. we have been moving generators and additional state resources down there to provide additional power light plants and rescue teams to augment the local teams down there doing a lot of great work right now. because in any of those areas that were hardest hit it is dark right now. if you have been in the areas after a storm of this nature you don't realize how dark it is until after the power is gone. >> you are wanting to make sure everybody is safe. you have to get light in that area. you and your community thank you for joining us from the mississippi emergency management agency. >> first person perspective now from those on the ground. samantha wilson tweeted me a couple hours ago we were live in fox report. she lives in hattiesburg, mississippi heard the twister took the picture i shared with
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you at the end of fox report of the school building at the university of southern mississippi. you are with us by phone samantha? (speaking on telephone) >> yes, ma'am, i am. >> what did you see and hear? >> i was at my apartment and haired the sigh lens getting louder. liked out my door seeing it getting really dark and i saw one of the transformers getting hit it was coming toward my apartment complex. debris started flying around every where so i got in and i heard it go around my apartment complex and it ended up in the music building behind me. >> how long would you get it was on the ground? we don't have confirmation at the weather service but you were living through it? >> yes, ma'am. >> i know from the videos it was on the ground for a while because it was coming down hardy street from the interstate.
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it was probably at least a good five minutes in my area. >> but you are okay. everybody you know is okay at least there. i know the school is on break. samantha wilson joining us tonight inl so glad you are all right. thank you for sharing what you saw in your picture that you took as well. >> thank you. >> now we will go to meteorologist maria molina in the meteorologist center. >> unfortunately right -- fort fat gn -- fortunately no other tornado warnings. we do in some areas in central time. today we saw 48 tornado warnings issued stretching from portions of eastern texas into eastern sections of alabama. multiple reports of damage power lines down trees down in several
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down -- counties. three homes damaged numerous trees down and power lines also brought brought down. marion county 3 injuries from this report and also homes damaged. >> in hlamar county 5 homes damaged out here. across forest county which is where hattiesburg is located. ocro high school and baseball fields major league damage. reports of damage across mississippi into alabama and at risk for additional tornadoes with tornado watches in sfekt. no tornado warnings are issued. when they get issued for your county it is very important to seek shelter immediately and want to remind everyone what that means is go to a basement stay away from windows if you don't have a basement stay in your home in the lowest level of your home. harris you mentioned there was a report about a building lifted
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off its foundation. >> it was a ace hardware store. >> that would mean it could be an ef 4 or ef 5. it wint over easily 166 miles per hour. >> that's a monster falling out of the sky. >> quickly maria, i know people have a concern with the power out. give me a brief look at the temperatures? >> temperatures out there are relatively warm. flooding is a concern. hopefully people stay put until he iss are c rescue crews can reach them. maria molina. stay with fox news, we join john stossel already in progress. remember your pictures to you report, report. ♪
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>> those great new charter schools we showed you? i just wish there was more of them, more competition, because competition makes everybody better. but there are some people who doesn don't like my saying that. (chanting) >> the teacher's union 5 million members strong. (chanting) >> this group is mad at me. >> we are here to demand an apology from 2020 john stossel. >> i had done another show called stupid in america that said it was impossible to fire bad teachers. the union boss said because of my program -- >> educators all across the country feel they have been kicked in the teeth. >> they were surprised when i came outside to hear them. the union said i should be educated. >> so just teach for a week.
7:16 pm
we have elementary school and high school. >> the crowd liked the idea of me teaching for a week. >> teach, john, teach. teach, john, teach. >> i think i surprised them again when i said okay, i will teach but then they changed their mind. the union president won't talk to me any more. two others did, joe delgrasso and nathan sanders of washington, d.c. >> city schools are terrible because of unions like yours. >> i would disagree. we have progress as a result of unions. >> three-days before saunders led this protest march with the plan to see how teachers face students. the protestors composed an anti test song. ♪ >> i think i know why the union doesn't like testing. >> your results are awful. they are among the lowest in the
7:17 pm
nation. >> you make an argument it's the lowest in the nation based upon the test scores. i would say that ours can get better but i would say -- >> your predecessors the unions have been saying that for years. >> i think the unions have a strong history of advocating for high quality education. >> but not achieving it. >> our test scores are something can he choose not to focus on. >> i know my kids are learning when i look in their eye. >> the protestors had celebrity support. matt damon. he was asked about the rules that make it hard to fire a union teacher. >> in acting there isn't job security, right? why isn't it like that for teachers? >> you think job insect is what makes me work hard? >> you have an incentive to work harder. >> it's not an incentive.
7:18 pm
you take this nba style thinking. business school idea. >> yeah, charter schools vouchers even obama's race to the top are based on the idea competition is good. if kids are free to take their school money to any school competition among schools including for profit will force all of the schools to get better or go out of business. the best schools will expand. but the unions don't like that market competition. >> there's a prove fit motives behind all of this extra testing. >> we need to get the corporations out of the school. >> it would enrich corporation but further improve vert teachers. ♪ >> teachers paid enough? >> no. >> you have some teachers making over 100,000 dollars. >> and they aren't making
7:19 pm
enough. >> matt damon as you grees with that. >> a teacher want to teach. why else would you take a (bleep) salary and really long hours. >> teachers make a (bleep) salary? maybe to matt damon. today american teachers make more per hour than accountants, nurses, architects. >> i can guarantee you there it is not about the money. >> he is a former dc politician. >> when i was on the dc council i gave the school system 300 million they got more money than ever to educate fewer kids thet. a what they did do is add deputies to the assistant and deputy. >> michelle read didn't get school supplies and kids. there were no books in the line
7:20 pm
barry we didn't have the supplies and pen tills. i rizitied the hear house there where there were boxes and boxes of books and glue. >> why didn't they get to the school? >> that's a good question. it was a complete and utter sense of dysfunction and lack of accountability. >> the reason they call the school bureaucracy a blob it's like this bloby java the put thing th-- hut thing that can'te budged. if you try to make a change the blob says we don't do that here. we have to requisition downtown. we have 4 or 5 people to sign off. the deputy director has to say it's okay. it's crazy.
7:21 pm
why can't other people have the choice also. why does it cost a third of a million dollars to fire one union teacher? what's wrong with these people?
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we can probably maneuver to do it. >> apparently he didn't want to. the president send sasha and molly awe to sidwell prep. it's the same school the vice president's grand kids went. the union leader. >> you went to a private school. >> i graduated from a catholic high school. >> he is head of the newark teachers union. he used up his speaking time dell grass so marched up to the front demanding more saying my union contracts mandates 7 more minutes. i got it. >> the rigidity of this stupid
7:26 pm
union contract is why the kids suffer. your union tis the problem. >> dell grass so opposes letting kids escape rules allowing them to attend charter schools in existing school buildings. >> over my dead body they are going to come there. i am going to be there and physically try to stop them. there's certain things that don't miss. oil and water you can't emulsify it. >> there's no room? >> there's not half empty schools. >> dell gros so says they favor rich kids. newark public schools send almost 400 thousand per classroom. the charters get less. >> not that much less. >> but they get less. it's hardly the rich verses the poor. >> i am happy for them. >> let them into your schools. >> don't want them in our schools. >> you are not happy for them, then. >> does fox and cnn, are they in the same building? i don't think so. >> but fox and cnn can't banish
7:27 pm
the competition. competition is good. competition is why we have fox, cnn and msnbc. when you have a choice of what channel you are going to watch or what school you are going to attend competition gets better. dell gros so understands that about his own education. >> my mother paid for me to go and it made fee feel i bert do good at that school or else. >> sounds like you are arguing against unionized public schools. >> i am not arguing against them. >> most of the independent schools are catholic schools doing a great job for less than half of the money you spend. >> i wouldn't say that. >> 7,000 verses 5,000. >> catholic schools fire bad teachers. government run schools can't because teachers get tenure. >> why have tenures? most professions don't have tenure. >> when you went into organized
7:28 pm
crime you got to be a made person. there was like a ceremony. it is a nice thing. >> you like organized crime? you are in forever unless you die or are killed. >> there is that perspective of it. you are a good teacher there shouldn't be a problem with it. >> well here's one problem. not every teacher is good. some are really lousy. >> it's impossible to fire these tenured people. >> why? >> because there are a million steps. >> no there aren't there is no one. >> it is not one step it's all of these steps. >> this is the list of steps required to fire a teacher in my town. this is why most principals don't even try. they look at the list of appeals this one and just want to give up. or they push the worst teachers to transfer to another school. such a common way to avoid these rules is even a name for them. the dance of the lemon. it would be funny except these rules leave some kids stuck with
7:29 pm
terrible teachers. >> the former police investigator said it would take years to fire even an abusive teacher. >> lots of people said he hit him and other teachers said it that were present in the classroom. took four years 283,000 dollars, 127,000 dollars in legal fees plus what it cost to have a substitute all while he's sitting at home having popcorn. >> still being paid by the district. >> he couldn't fire the teacher who faked his doctor at. >> and he went to sleep in class. he was quite disturbed when the supervisor came in and woke him up. >> he complain snd>> it never ends. it never ends. >> and when we return, meet someone who successfully fired hundreds of people. >> fired your own daughter's principal? >> that was a chilly night at
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am marianne raffer rafferty. there's a million dollar award offered leading to the arrest of a former los angeles police officer. christopher doerner -- dorner. they are blaming racism for his dismissal from the force. right now more than 200,000 people are still without power after the massive thunderstosnot hit the northeast. dumping up to 3 feet of snow in the area. the post office is plan to go deliver mail where it is safe enough. airports say they are operating on close to normal schedules. the storm forcing the cancellations of thousands of flights and long delays. i am marianne rafferty now back to "stossel" for the latested
7:34 pm
lines log on to >> education in america is a mess. what will fix it? who might fix it? >> ssh nee somebody needs to fi. you can do it. >> oprah think this is woman can fix it. >> thank you michelle. >> five years ago adrien fenty asked her to fix the schools. >> you had never run a school system. >> i had never run a school before. >> that's why they thought adrien fenty was nuts. >> i was a 30-year-old girl from toledo, ohio. people said he has lost his
7:35 pm
mind. >> her friends said she lost hers. >> i had two kids two daughters 9 and 12. i put them in the dc public schools. >> the schools were a disaster. test results among the worst in america. >> when you i was at the performance evaluation of the adults in the system. how good are the teaches doing? i found that 95 percent of the adults were being rated as doing a great job. how do you have a system where all of the workers are thinking we are doing a great job for our kids and what we are producing for them is 8 percent success. >> she visited schools and saw empty classrooms. >> i walked into this one school i go to the first classroom five kids in the classroom. second classroom, 9 kids. 3 kids, 7 kids. what is going on?
7:36 pm
finally i get to the 5th or 6th classroom i asked the teacher where are all of the kids. she said, well it's friday. i thought -- i couldn't believe that was the answer. i said is that all? she said, no. i thought great, she is going to tell me some of the kids are on a field trip or something like that. she said it's raining, too. >> it turned out not every classroom. attendance varied by teacher. i am walking through finishing my visit i walk into one classroom there are 30 kids. there are not enough desks for the number of kids that were there. there were kids sitting on the radiators. i go to one of the kids i said what do you think about the teacher? they said this is my best teacher bar none. i was leaving the school and this was at 10:00 in the morning that young man and two of his friends were walking out of the school. i tap him on the shoulder i said
7:37 pm
excuse me young man where do you think you are going? they said to me well our first teacher the one you saw is great. our second period teacher is not good so we are going to roll. this is not the picture that the american public have in their mind of truants. these children were making a very conscious decision to wake up early and come to school for the first period because they knew they were going to get something out of it and leave after that. >> this great teacher he gets paid mno more than the other teachers. >> gets paid no more. if we were doing seniority based layoffs would have gotten laid off first. >> they pay good teachers more and fire bad teachers. >> that did not go over very well. >> few weeks i was visited en g. he comes rushing in he says you have to stop firing people.
7:38 pm
why? i mean these people are not doing the job they are supposed to be doing, we need to move them out. he said, well, welcome to dc public schools where we never fire any one. >> but you did fire them? >> eventually we did. >> we found a 90-day loophole that allows them to fire teachers. >> nothing short of a firestorm surrounding the future of the dc public school system. >> no shortage of outrage among parents and teacher. >> it was a plan a plot before she took the job to get rid of people who have been around who have tenure. >> if you fire 200, you closed 15 schools fired your own daughter's principal. >> that was a chilly night at home. >> she upset family, communities, students and teachers. a lot of people got fired. she said they deserved to be fired. the system needs change. many of those said she needed to be fired. >> people really hated you.
7:39 pm
hate you still. >> yeah. i was the wicked witch of the west they called me the hatchet lady, the teacher terminator. >> big bad witch. time magazine put you on the cover with a broom. >> i took the broom to mean sweeping house. >> they didn't want their house swept. the union says poorly performing teachers need a second chance. >> we have some union teachers who are just lousy. we need to lift up the low performers and help them do better. >> why not just fire them. maybe teaching is not for you. >> there's a cost to fire the teacher the quality of life of that person is deeply affected by that termination. >> so nobody should ever be fired? >> what we should do is help people improve their skills. >> people would say to me if a teacher is not affectieffective
7:40 pm
should talk about spending the time and effort to professionally develop that person. i would say okay, but whose children are we going to put in that classroom? oo who are you going to practice on. oh if it didn't work out sorry. you only get one chance at first grade. >> we are going to do layoffs by quality instead of seniority. and this really upset the apple cart of people who were protesting. >> why would it upset the apple cart. it's common sense. >> it is common sense to you and me but it was counter to what the district had always done, the way unions operate. seniority. >> it cheats the good young teachers. don't they get mad? >> forget the young teachers. it cheats the kids. >> kids were less cheated under reed test scores went up but in the end the union won.
7:41 pm
>> get her out. >> we are going to fight if we have to be here every day all day we will. >> the mayor who appointed her voted out. when he lost reed quit. >> lost in dc. elsewhere in america all sorts of new schools are succeeded and exciting things are happening. [] i've seen incredib things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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>> people try to start charter schools often say, bureaucrats make it so hard they put up all of these obstacles. that's why there aren't enough charters yet to have a real market except in one town most kids now attend charters. how did that happen? >> hurricane katrina on track to make a direct hit on the low lying city of new orleans. >> it happened because of a hurricane. >> all eyes are on new orleans. >> this entire area will be under water. >> mother nature is in charge and now mother nature has dealt one horrific blow. >> when katrina flooded new orleans didn't just destroy the city it destroyed the school system. some school reformers thought
7:46 pm
maybe that's what needed to happen. >> it was probably one of the worst school districts in the country. it was a horror. >> before katrina how did they? it would just fail. >> let's you rebuild what was there or did you rebuild something entirely. >> louisiana built something new. they made it easy for people to open charters. >> you tell them here's my plan. >> ben marcovitz started a charter school called sigh academy. >> when he started his school in 2008 he was the only employee. he drove his car around new orleans until 3 in the morning putting up signs advertising schools. >> you see the number right here that was my cell phone. >> he had to at ties because st -- advertise because students had to choose to go here. >> we are putting these up every where. >> he went to people's houses to recruit. >> living in new orleans we have never had that.
7:47 pm
>> her son reggie -- >> he came out interviewed talked to me and talk to do reggie and he was explaining to them about the hours and academics. >> when the school opened only a third of the students were proficient on state tests. >> i know half of them didn't know how to read. >> now si academy test results are among the best in the city. even though the schools failed a bunch of trailers. >> to have a permanent building. if you walk into the school the first thing they tell you complaints about the facility they are not concerned about the right things. >> how did they do it i they doe to perform or they can be fired on the spot. >> she fires the weak he shall teefers. >> i call it freeing up a person's future. >> they allow parents to fire the school.
7:48 pm
if they don't like the school they need to send kids to another school. she worries about losing her charter school. sue oo good morning class of 20013. >> good morning. >> the competition driys schools to try different things like the morning ritual at the academy. >> who are you? this seem as little cult like some kids didn't take it seriously. but something works. >> it was amazing since we have been here they have become more responsible of thinking. >> even though i didn't like the school at first, as i went to school i started to want to go because i saw how important it was. >> regular geese mother is getting ready to start college. so reggie tutored her for a test using skills he learned at sci.
7:49 pm
>> this is how it should have been before katrina. >> this has grown from one employee into another school that is so popular it holds a lottery to decide who gets in. >> we will have a waiting list of 200 students long. >> this is our first choice by far. >> as you saw in harlem nervous kids and relatives sit anxiously hoping their name will be called. some go away happy. >> yai! >> most do not. >> it goes to show this kind of school is badly needed in this city. this kind of education is exactly what we need to be offering every sij kid. >> today most kids in new orleans attend charter school and test scores across the city are better. >> many of the greatest cities in the world have been reborn. chicago fire resulted in a greater chicago, san francisco earthquake resulted in much more dynamic safer. the fire of london as a resuresa
7:50 pm
much grart capital emergence. people in new orleans are rebuilding the city for the better. >> it will never go back. >> next more good news this time from the internet. the blob should be work rg because look how excited these kids are about math. om let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... go(mom) i rais my son to bester! careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. ididide? you're not my dad ahh!!
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thyou eat weiyou lose it's a great plan... until you get hungry. that's the time to take slimful. one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> do your kids have a good teacher? how do you know? the teacher next door is better. maybe there's a better teacher in another state. maybe there's a world's best teacher or several. wouldn't it be great if your
7:54 pm
kids could have that teacher? well today yes, you can. >> yea, i caught it. >> these kids are this excited about a matt wmath web site. >> negative 4, minus 4 and we are done. >> taught me a lot of things. >> five years ago huj fund analyst made videos like these to tutor his cousin. >> i started tutoring her brothers and others. i had to do the lecture over and over again. sal why don't you put some of your lectures on youtube. i said i will give it a shot. >> welcome to the presentation on basic addition. >> soon thousands watched his lectures. i started getting letters from people comments on youtube. they are not like hey, i think this kind of might have helped on my math exam. they are like, i failed callous the first time. i started watching the videos
7:55 pm
now i am acing the class. >> the youtube numbers kept rising he got letter from the middle east, africa. >> what sal kahn has been amazing. >> he offers web lecture you ares from history, economics computer signs. his videos are viewed millions of times. >> not only reaching millions of students god forbid if i got hit by a bus outside it will still meet millions maybe eventually billions of students. >> you happen to be good at teaching? >> i will take that as a compliment. he's a great teacher. >> i hope that helps. >> it is really helping us learn a lot more. >> it is exciting he gets kids so excited about math. >> in most parts of life things have gotten much better cars and computers cell phones. education not so much. >> rewind out of 80 or 90 years
7:56 pm
you would have the local band, if you had a party that was the only big in town. >> once you have matt media coming outtake the best mu significances and actor and story teller and record it and put it out on radio and put it out on records or whatever. it could have happened with education before. >> but it hasn't. even for basic math i thought they would be using video games. >> yeah. >> why not? >> huge bureaucracy most of us want to say no to change the system. >> it's the blob. and it is. i think what is fun from our point of view is we are able to reach students outside of the blog. >> they started using kahn's videos in this year's classrooms. teachers were skeptical. >> they are happy to walk into
7:57 pm
the door it's like oh my kwosh we have matt this morning. we assume most people on their own don't want to earn or get engaged in matt that theices. most of them are in classrooms that are not tarting could them. >> the teacher is worried the on-line instruction could replace them. i think it's so wrong and my teachers would tell you they have taught more math than ever taught before. >> now teachers can tutor kids one-on-one. >> i notice you were having issues with fractions. >> because kids can go at their own pace... >> i have students still working on multiplication. i have others working on 9th grade matt. >> some people study at home. >> they are doing 2-3 hours when i am asking for 15 minutes. >> when i have time i log on. it's way more fun to do math.
7:58 pm
>> finally after yearser kids being bored in school and not needing math, that's over? if it happens it will be thanks to the on-line classes. it is great to break out of the government monopoly. it provide better management transportation, technology. don't our kids deserve that, too. >> that is our show. i am johns stossel, thanks for watching. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever.
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